The anticipation right before you step over that last sand dune and the water opens up to a picture perfect sight.

Acrylics on cotton canvas

40 x 40 x 1.5 cm | 15.7″ x 15.7″ x 0.6″

Signed, varnished, and ready to hang – image wraps around all edges.

Sold unframed. If you wish to purchase your painting with a frame, please contact me here.

Artist retains all rights to artwork for reproduction.

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"It makes me feel really tactile actually and feel like the sky is a part of this tactile feeling like I can walk in the clouds and they would feel like sand beneath my feet." - u/AdvocateCounselor

"Peaceful, serene, a bit just makes me feel good." - u/Fintaman

"Like I’m walking towards the beach at sunrise over the North Carolina dunes." - u/Bryeh16

"Makes me feel small and reminds me that the universe is large and beautiful but we’re all made of the stars. It’s more in a soothing atmosphere than scary. Almost like, I’m safe and I know although I’m minuscule in this body... everything is connected. I suppose it gives me very much to think about. It’s so realistic in its simple beauty, I can almost feel the breeze. It’s somewhere I would lay for hours, meditate, listen to the song of birds, waves, bugs, etc... the perfect place for meditation, grounding, and peace. I want to step inside and be there." - u/lilBeezz

"It feels like the anticipation right before you step over that last sand dune and the water opens up to a picture perfect sight. A beautiful work that gives me a wonderful feeling." - u/iknowallmyabcs

"Every summer my parents took me to this beautiful countryside by the sea. This painting brought those memories back." - u/bachia1975

"I feel a sense of peaceful nostalgia, like when you're a kid playing outside and you don't want the light to end but mom is calling the kids in for dinner so you pack up your bat and balls and walk through the fields to go home. Though these look like water plants so it might be packing up the fishing rod or whatnot." - u/GiraffeEatLion

"It makes me feel the satisfaction and bliss of when you have a really good day and you feel it coming to an end and you’re just enjoying still being in the good day while everything is still perfect. Like you realize it’s a special one that you’ll remember and this last moment is the cherry on top." - u/Chloe_Zooms

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