About Me

Hi there, I’m Luiza Niechoda!

I’m a Polish oil and mixed media painter. In 2018 I left my marketing/graphic design job in a startup and decided to give art a try. I started sharing my old realistic pencil portraits on Instagram, then continued with creating more or less realistic landscape paintings. Back then, I was mostly inspired by warm light and the bucolic settings of eastern Poland where I was born and grew up.

While I was building my career as a full time artist, I continued to look for that specific style that would be recognizable and would also make the whole creative process even more engaging and allow me to grow.

One of the big factors influencing my new style was definitely my education (I have an engineering degree in geodesy and cartography). I’ve decided I want my paintings to incorporate geometric shapes and my brushstrokes to be only vertical and horizontal.

After I posted a few of my new pieces online, people called it pixelated art and started joking about how they thought something was wrong with their internet connection since the image “didn’t load entirely”. That led me to research further into glitch effects and pixel sorting, which are both digital processes.

I wanted to paint lines, the Internet said — pixels!

My process

Now my work is a mix of sharp lines and haziness, balancing between realism and hard-edged geometric abstraction. There is no digital process involved. Everything is made with paint, on canvas.

I don’t usually use photos for reference. I just make a few color stains on my canvas, step back and decide what I see in them. Then I start to work left to right, up and down, adding details.

I know my pieces are landscapes, but in my head they’re feelings. The reason I translate these feelings into views is my love for the Pacific Northwest (I might have watched too much Twilight as a teenager) and the work of artists like Friedrich or Turner.

I definitely see my work becoming more and more abstract in the future.

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